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Freshmen’s Guide

We have created a Freshmen’s Guide to help you with all the information you need.

Freshmen Orientation

Find the slides presented in the Freshmen Orientation by FSAR here.


The Automation and Robotics Fachschaft is a student-run organization funded by TU Dortmund that helps the students of the Automation and Robotics Master’s Program with any university-related issue and helps new students acclimate to the university system. The Fachschaft is also responsible for representing the students at general council meetings along with the AStA association.

Write to us at about your motivation to be part of Fachschaft.

All students of AnR are welcome to join the meetings and events conducted by FSAR which is a good way to meet us and get to know what we do in Fachschaft.


Use the Campusnavi feature in the TU app.

The Semesterticket is a seasonal ticket for public transport. You can ride the regional transportation within the entire state of North Rhine Westphalia.

  • Your Semsterticket
    • As PDF on the phone
    • or printed out (recommended, your phone battery might die)
  • Personal Identification Document (Passport or ID)

If you are enrolled at a university, you will receive your “SemesterTicket”. The price for your SemesterTicket is included in your semester fees and will be given to you by your university.


You can find the details about the work and study places at the University here.

Courses can be registered via the LSF portal. If you cannot find a course in LSF please contact the respective Professor.

Exam registration is done via the BOSS portal. If you cannot find the examination module in BOSS, please contact the respective Professor.

You can de-register for the exam one day before the examination date via the BOSS portal.


If you need to see a doctor, here are some that speak English.

General practitioner
Stockumer Straße 182
44225 Dortmund
Phone: +49(0)231 7254860\

Internist/Sports medicine
Markt 4
44137 Dortmund
Phone:+49(0)231 579209 (Fricke)
Phone:+49(0)231 527096 \

Wilhelmplatz 6
44149 Dortmund
Phone:+49(0)231 173381 \

Baroper Str. 352
44227 Dortmund
Phone:+49(0)231 7519356 \

*Hospitals are for emergencies only!*
Don’t go to a hospital if you are just feeling sick. See a general practitioner first.

If you are in an emergency, call 112 for an ambulance or 110 for the Police.